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Cheating at Slot Machines

Slot Machine Cheating - Slot Machines CheatsWhat if you wanted to cheat at slot machines? I'm not talking about some "system" that's called slot machine cheating. I'm talking about actually breaking the rules of the game in order to make a profit. How would you do it? Is cheating at slot machines a good idea? How dangerous is it?

Don't Cheat at Slots

Actually cheating at slot machines is difficult and illegal. It's unethical and pretty lame. My recommendation is don't do it. Making a few bucks this way isn't going to be worth the headache, because chances are, you'll get caught. Casino security is extremely advanced.

I only discuss various strategies for slot machine cheats on this page in order to warn against trying them. People love to read about con men and cons, and slot machine cheating is a subject along those lines. So I think this article will appeal to my readers.

But please, don' try this at home. (Or at the casino.)

Fake Coins

When I was a kid, I remember other kids using metal "slugs" that were the shape and size of a quarter to play video games. The slugs were worthless, of course, so the kids thought they were really getting away with something. A similar strategy could theoretically used to beat slot machines.

But casinos have methods in place to prevent this. Today's slot machines mostly accept bills anyway.

Guess what a fake dollar bill is? It's a "counterfeit". That's a federal crime folks. None for me, thanks.

Monkey Wires - Monkey Paws

Mechanical slot machines used to have a mechanical switch which dispensed the jackpot. A cheater could use a metal tool to reach into the machine and flip the switch. This tool was called a monkey wire or monkey paw. Some slot cheaters were notorious for using this kind of device.

This kind of device doesn't work on today's slot machines. You sure don't want to try something like this, because not only will it not work, you'll probably get caught. Getting caught probably means getting roughed up by casino security then going to jail.

Reprogramming a Machine

I can't even imagine how someone would get access to the computer on a video slot machine in order to reprogram it in some way to make cheating possible. That doesn't mean it's impossible or that it hasn't been done. But it seems like a lot of trouble. Getting a job or learning to count cards seems like a lot more profitable use of one's time.

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