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Secrets to Winning at Slots

Slot Machine SecretsI'm going to start this article by telling you the biggest secret about slot machines. The secret that almost no one else wants to tell you, especially not the people who sell ebooks titled "Slot Machine Secrets". But you might not like this secret.

There are no slot machine secrets.


People selling the idea that some kind of slot machine secrets exist that will turn you into a big winner are scammers. Don't give them your money. Don't believe what they write. You're smarter than that.

Slot Machine Baloney

If you're still not convinced, then think about Carl Sagan's baloney detection kit. If you're not familiar with this, it's a set of guidelines for thinking about things in order to decide whether or not it's believable. (If it's not, then it's baloney.)

Here are a few guidelines that apply specifically to people selling slot machine secrets:

Something is believable when there is independent confirmation of facts. Slot machine system sellers never offer independent confirmation of facts. (Testimonials can and will be made up, and they're not scientific proof anyway.)

Something is believable when someone encourages substantive debate on the topic. When is the last time you saw a slot machine secrets salesman go ask John Grochowski, Michael Shackleford, and Stanford Wong to examine their claims?

Apply Occams razor when possible. Occams razoe says that when you have two hypothesis regarding a situation, the simpler of the two is usually correct. When someone tells you they have the secret to winning at slots, is that simpler than the hypothesis that slot machines are completely random and favor the house?

Arguing from "authority" is usually a sign of baloney. Notice how many of these charlatans selling slot machine systems point to themselves as some kind of expert. And then they cite their expertise as a reason to believe that their slot machine secrets will help you win money. (One ad for a slot machine system I saw read, "Real slot machine secrets from a real slot machine technician...")

Observational selection is another baloney flag. That's when someone records their "hits" but ignores their "misses". The application of this in a slot machine system seller's arsenal is obvious.

Meaningless questions are another sign of baloney. "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?" is the classic example. I saw a site selling "slot secrets" that asked, "Can you handle the truth?"

Slot Machine Secrets

No slot machine secrets exist. No magical slot machine system is going to teach you to win any more often than random chance would result in your winning.

Play slots, hope to get lucky, and save your money. Don't buy slot machine secrets.

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