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Slot Machine Tips - Slot Machine AdviceThis is a list of slot machine tips and advice based on reality instead of fantasy. If you're looking for a money management system that will make you a winner at slot machines, then go read a book by John Patrick, because you won't find nonsense like that here. (By the way, John Patrick's advice about slot machines is generally terrible.)

Slot Machine Tip #1 - Always play with money you can afford to lose.

Gambling is entertainment, and slot machine gambling is no exception to this rule of thumb. And you shouldn't be spending money on entertainment if your kids don't have enough to eat, or if you're deep in debt, or if you just can't afford it. So don't even bother playing slot machines unless you have money you can afford to lose. Slot machines are a negative expectation game. No amount of money management will change that.

Slot Machine Tip #2 - Don't buy any slot machine system ebooks.

I've read most of these nonsense gambling ebooks that claim to offer systems and tricks to winning at slot machines. They're awful. I mentioned earlier that John Patrick's slot machine book is terrible, but these ebooks are even worse. They're poorly written, and they claim to offer a money back guarantee. But if you do a search at Google and read some of the forum comments, lots of people have claimed they were having problems getting a refund.

I'm not saying that I have first-hand knowledge of anyone getting a refund, and I'm not saying that all forum posts are true. I'm just saying that sometimes, where there's smoke, there really is fire. Buying a product that claims to turn a negative expectation game into a winning game using some kind of "strategy" is a bad investment considering the forum complaints.

Slot Machine Tip #3 - Join the slot club

Slot clubs track how much money you're putting through a slot machine in order to give you back some of what you've lost in the form of comps. These can include food, hotel stays, travel, event tickets, and cash or casino credits. Membership in a slot machine club is free. So joining a slot club has plenty of upside and no downside. Just do it.

Slot Machine Tip #4 - You'll have more fun playing within your bankroll

If you only have $100 to gamble with on your trip, and you play a $1 slot machine at five credits per spin, you'll be able to make twenty spins. (Maybe more if and when you hit some small wins.) Twenty slot machine spins takes about twelve minutes to make, maybe less. That's not a lot of fun for your gambling money.

Especially not if you compare it with how much time you could spend gambling on a penny slot machine instead. You could make 2000 spins for that same $100, and that could keep you busy for twenty hours. Which slot machine is providing you better value in terms of hours of entertainment in that situation?

And if you spend twenty hours in front of the slot machine, guess how many free drinks you can get? That's a great way to make your bankroll stretch. And if you enjoy premium liquor or beer, then you're getting even more value for your money. Just don't forget to tip the cocktail waitresses.

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